Friday, 13 August 2010

Amazing Grace

I cringe every time I hear Amazing Grace covered by yet another secular artist who doesn’t even know what Grace is. Its popularity also put me off playing it during personal worship.
I always think after you’ve heard something so much you start to pay less and less attention to its message. I later discovered the sincerity of its message when I heard about the back story of its writer (John Newton).
(As far as I know, this story is told to some degree or another in the fairly popular film of the same title. I must admit, I am yet to watch it…)

I do believe it was the line about being a "wretch", gloriously saved by God that stopped me singing along to Hymns for years before I gave my heart to God. I mean I knew I was bad but I refused to believe I was bad enough to be called a wretch and I wasn't about to sing something I didn't agree with. Little did I realise how accurate a description it was!

When John called himself a wretch he wasn't joking! As a worker on, and later captain of, a slave ship he saw many under his watch abused and even killed, (thrown overboard if suffering from a contagious condition).

Glory to God for working miracles in the most misguided of lives!

You can read more about John's story here.

My love for this song has grown a lot in recent months.
Having now watched the movie also, I really recommend it - although, it doesn't tell as much of John Newton's story as I first thought... Seriously, go watch it! Peace out.