Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Procrastination – Just a Thought

I posed the question online a while back with no real feedback: Is procrastination a sin?
Today I’m asking myself if procrastination is a form of laziness, lack of concentration, neither, both or something else?
I think most people would agree laziness is a sin but how is laziness defined? Is it OK (and therefore not sinful) if a person were to be lazy occasionally when they work hard the rest of the time?

I’m not really sure why this popped into my head and I don’t have definitive answers for any of this I just wondered if anybody else had an opinion.
If so, feel free to comment below as always.

***UPDATE - 12/09/2010***
I just thought I would come back to this topic as I've been discussing it a bit on Facebook with my friend Josh; he pointed me to this website --> www.openbible.info/topics/procrastination but I'm not completely convinced that all of the verses listed on said website are relevant unless taken out of context