Sunday, 19 September 2010

Grapevine 2010 – Part 1

Sorry this is a bit late, with Grapevine being like 3 weeks ago and everything.
It was a great event, although admittedly I didn’t see much of it other than the Powerpack events (not that I’m complaining!); both the kids & the leaders meetings were awesome – way beyond my expectations... well, to be fair, I didn’t really have any expectations but it was still really good!

I’ve learnt (from being on the Powerpack team here and at Spring Harvest) that I *should* have expectations – I should be ready and waiting for God to move.
Turns out I had completely the wrong attitude, I’d been praying that the kids would have fun and that they would all get along when I should have claimed so much more for them in prayer – God promises in the Bible that his word won’t return to him empty (Isaiah 55 v 10 + 11), that means every time we pray with the kids and every time we speak about him, God will take that tiny seed that we’ve planted and reap a crop from it – it won’t go to waste. I should have held on to that promise, spoken it out and asked God to fulfil it. God can do so much more than we could ever imagine and he tells us to ask him to do mighty works but we don’t, we ask for little as if God has limits!

Anyway, I know I said I didn’t get to see much other than the Powerpack meetings (in comparison to what was available) but I did make it to a few things during the week: 3 seminars, 2 after hours sessions (LZ7 performing live plus a cheesy disco on the last night) and the brief family celebration (where Powerpack did a few segments on the last day). If I had just been to these and nothing else it would have felt worth it – I enjoyed them so much.

In the same way that 1 song really stood out for me at Forum last year (‘Almighty God’ by Tim Hughes) and therefore is now always known in my brain as ‘The Forum Anthem’ there were 2 songs that did the same for me at Grapevine – ‘Our God’ by Chris Tomlin and ‘You’ by Tim Hughes.

Finally I must admit that yes, I am a lemon because I (of course) forgot to bring the tent and seeing Beth’s face when I told her this was priceless (lol).
Part 2 coming soon!