Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Impromptu Twitter Sermon

For those of you following me on Twitter, you may have noticed I went a tiny bit crazy with the amount of tweets I was churning out earlier. Just got inspired by a couple of Sermon-Jams on YouTube & GodTube and got carried away with thoughts of God and all his goodness.
For those who missed it I thought I'd piece it all together here as a single post as I believe it's a message worth hearing, not a message from myself but one from or inspired by God (you can judge this for yourselves).
As a side note, this sudden gush of Biblical based truth is refreshing change from the usual complaints and trivial things I put on there so hopefully there'll be more of it in the future... anyway, here it is:

"Brothers & Sisters, try not to become complacent about holiness and lost souls too often, or at all if that is possible... don't forget about what's really going on in the world because we're caught up on trivial things.
"The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn't Exist" - Baudelaire
Never underestimate the Power of Prayer, it Works, it is not something Weak or Pointless, it's a Privilege! (
Living for God isn't a 1 time decision it's a constant day by day choice. We all wander from the path but it's our responsibility to notice we've got lost and ask God to help us back on track. Don't give up and think you'll get let off
It's so easy to be discouraged but when we do well it becomes so easy to fall into the trap of pride....
Following God sometimes feels like walking a tightrope - trying to achieve a balance between faith and works, there should be a healthy amount of both and you have to keep reminding yourself that works will never earn yourself a place in heaven yet still try to glorify God through works anyway.
I may be putting people off Christianity right now by speaking of how difficult it can be but the best things in life require effort...
If your main motive in being a "Christian" is that life will be easy then you're wasting your time.
It can take a while to sink in that it actually has nothing to do with any of us, being a Christian is all about God... never be fooled into thinking that's a bad thing...
To summarize: Living for Jesus isn't easy but it is most defiantly worth it! give it your all. Never give up, keep getting back on the horse every-time you mess up and fall off. God will always help you if you let him but he won't do all the work, it's a partnership, a relationship - do it together.
God is AMAZING and he'll never be anything else. Doesn't that just make you feel like singing? Who wouldn't want such a majestic King?
I haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to saying all there is about the almighty one and this makes me oddly happy, for he is of course indescribable! Reminds me of yet another glorious tangent --> :)"

Here endeth the lesson