Friday, 17 September 2010

In yer FAITH!

“Is it true today, that when people pray, we'll see dead men rise, and the blind set free? Yes it's true and I believe it- I'm living for you!”

It's true that God, in his endless measures of power, can transform lives and it’s a great and wonderful thing to witness but I'm sad to say that most people calling themselves Christians these days don’t behave, speak or think any differently to non-Christians - I know I fitted into this category for years before really getting to know God and that it is possible for even the strongest Christian to ‘lose the glow’ from time to time.
I know I’m not a good representation of Christ – far from it most of the time and this upsets me more than anyone will ever know; I honestly wish my ungodly behaviour would upset be more than it does now, maybe then I would do more about it.

What upsets, or rather worries, me more than that even is the fact that too many others simply don’t care that the faith they claim to have isn’t apparent in their lives. I really don’t understand why there are so many apathetic people in church!
A Facebook friend recently posted a YouTube link to a sermon by Francis Chan called ‘Lukewarm and Loving it’ – it echoes the point I’m trying to make here, or maybe this is echoing it... either way...

You may have heard the saying: ‘If being a Christian was a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?’ – when I first heard it I thought it was a great way to think about it but I’ve been thinking about it more since then I do genuinely believe it’s possible to have all the evidence on display in your life (the catchy slogans, the little fish symbol on your car, worship music in your C.D. collection etc) and yet not be saved, after all, it’s not about the display- it’s about the heart attitude and the motive behind it. I believe this is backed up by Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 -23.

I don’t want people reading this to be completely discouraged, however, for there are a few people I’ve had the privilege of meeting that just have 'JESUS' written all over them - they are such a blessing and an encouragement to me and others.
I praise God for these people. Most of them I didn't know prior to their salvation so I can't really testify to how much they’ve changed.
What I can testify to, however, is God's transforming power in the life of 1 particular guy I went to High School with, back then he didn't know God and now the difference is phenomenal.
I’ve mentioned his music before on my general blog (link)...

I want this to be an encouragement to him and to the others to keep going for God.
I’m writing this to tell you that your faith inspires me to more faithful, to tell you that your small acts of kindness and wisdom don’t go un-noticed.
I'm not trying to build anybody’s ego here, I just want to praise God for what he’s done in the lives I’ve mentioned (implicitly or explicitly) as examples that point to God.

With this encouragement there comes a 2-part warning: firstly to be aware of the pride that often rides on the back on compliments and secondly, on the flipside of little blessings that don’t go un-noticed there can be tiny throw-away comments that each of us post online that can have a huge negative effect (like a ripple effect, they are often far reaching and we’ll probably never know where they end up). This part is as much of a reminder for myself as it is for anybody else reading this- too often I waste time complaining on Twitter when I should be full of praise, it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on a fair bit now and I hope this all made sense, as always feel free to discuss in the comments below.