Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Bible in a Library – Just a Thought

I once had the question “which part of a library would you put the Bible in?” put to me and it’s actually a very clever thought because the Bible isn’t a regular book and as such it can’t be categorised easily i.e. parts are historical, parts are prophesy, parts are poetry.

It includes genealogy information, geographical information, wisdom and songs.
It speaks on a whole range of topics from sex to money to sheep to idols to work to love and even death with a whole heap of others in between (part of the reason it is still relevant to today)

Now, you may be reading this as a non-Christian and be thinking right about now that you would put the Bible in the fiction category but if you are indeed thinking this I would like to point out that both Christian and non-Christian historians alike have validated aspects of the historical content by correlating details in Bible to that of other documents and relics etc.