Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Grapevine 2010 - Part 2

The theme of the Powerpack meetings that we were to ‘get across’ to the kids was ‘You’re kingdom come’ – a reference from the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6 verse 10).
There was a big focus on prayer – to pray for God’s kingdom to be on earth the same way that it is in heaven for example, there is no sickness in heaven so we encouraged the kids to pray for healing.

This focus on prayer gave me a passion for it that I’ve never felt before but sadly I feel like I’ve lost that passion since. Though I know I will get it back, by praying for it (ironically)...

The kids really impressed me; their willingness to get involved and their enthusiasm were a great blessing. Despite being there to try and teach them I found at many points during the weekend that I was learning just as much as they were.

What impressed me most were the kids that chose to do a kind of preaching workshop in which they put together a mini sermon based on what they felt God was speaking to them about.
Although not many kids chose this workshop I would say it was one of my favourite to hear about at the end. God was really working through the kids – the words they spoke seemed so wise to be coming from an 8/9 year old. One thing that particularly stuck in my mind was a little girl that preached “Don’t look where you fell, look where you tripped” – such a great concept! To put it in other words – don’t focus on where you fail, focus on the cause of the failure.

Another great concept that I came across in one of the seminars was “don’t focus on the tick boxes when you should be looking to the cross” - it’s so easy to get distracted from the really important things by fulfilling a lot of tasks that ‘the world’ would have you believe make you successful such as having a nice house, an expensive car etc.