Friday, 22 October 2010

Grapevine 2010 – Part 3

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This part is more personal in nature than the other 2; it’s about what God spoke to me personally about during the event.

I’ve always had big problems forgiving myself for things and not letting go of regrets.
While serving with the Powerpack team at Spring Harvest I declared that “I am free from the past in Jesus name” but it’s never that simple – was a good first step though; I need to keep declaring it and keep meaning it for such a declaration without sincerity is pointless.

During a time of praise and worship for the Powerpack leaders at Grapevine one of the other helpers told me she felt God wanted me to know there had been a “shift in my lift” for the better that day. While I still don’t know the full implications of this I trust in it and pray that I won’t do anything to shift back as it were.

I felt God telling me to take things “one day at a time” – something I keep thinking about every time I get overcome with the task ahead or get over-excited by potential opportunities, when either of these two things occur I tend to be so busy focusing on them to actually do anything about them.
Taking things ‘one day at a time’ also works on the level of letting go – it won’t be easy for me to do and therefore will must become a daily decision.

The story of Lot’s wife also came into my head at this time, she was told not to look back at her town being destroyed. She loved the town despite it being utterly sinful, it was a good thing that she was leaving but she wanted to stay (i.e. not move on/forward); she was warned not to look back and when she did she lost her life. This may be a drastic comparison in that I don’t believe I’m going to fall down dead if I don’t let go of past mistakes soon but I do believe it’s a warning that if I don’t move forward and stop looking back I’m not going to enjoy or take full advantage of the rest of my life and it’ll be my own fault.

One of the many cool things about God is that he speaks to you on your own level - in the same way that he spoke to shepherds using sheep analogies he speaks to me (not exclusively) through music/song lyrics as I usually pay particular attention to them and often ponder on their meaning.
While feeling God telling me to take things one day at a time I had the song (of the same title by Jeremy Camp) accompany it in my head. In addition to this, the lyrics of a Hillsong song also came to mind with regards to what God was teaching me: “I will soar with you, your spirit leads me on, in the power of your love” – these words mean a lot to me and make me so thankful.