Sunday, 31 October 2010

My Hypocrisy...

I was reading through my recent posts when I realised how 2 of them (In Yer Faith & Work in Progress) contradict each-other, I thought I would point out the hypocrisy before someone else beats me to it...

I say firstly that ‘What upsets/worries me more than being a bad representation of Christ is the fact that too many others simply don’t care that the faith they claim to have isn’t apparent in their lives’ (slight paraphrase) while 3 posts later I state that “I... live an unfaithful sham of a life often without noticing or... without caring”

As I stated at the time - “I honestly wish my ungodly behaviour would upset be more than it does now, maybe then I would do more about it” and what I mean by this is that although I may not care about misrepresenting God all the time I care about the fact that I don’t care – I know it sounds stupid but my apathy really does upset me (ironically).
I often ask God to help me be less apathetic about sin but the fact that I ask that must mean that I care a little bit to begin with.

The other element at work here is the fact that I often don’t realise that the faults that irritate me so much in others and therefore the ones I complain most about are indeed the exact same flaws that are very much apparent in my own character - that’s plank in eye syndrome right there! (See Matthew 7 verses 1 – 5 if you didn’t get the reference)

In conclusion, I can be a huge hypocrite sometimes and for that I’m sorry. The first step to changing this is being aware of it so if and when I slip back into it feel free to point out my mistake and I’ll try not to be too immature about realising I’m wrong (again).