Sunday, 14 November 2010

Local Christian Institute Meetings

The Christian Institute is a charity that “stands up for Christian truth in the public arena” and if you’re on their mailing list you should already be aware that they are holding some local meetings (in my area at least, I can’t find any info online for other areas).

For those of you reading this in Northern Ireland your local meetings are:

Ballymena at The Adair County Hotel, 1-7 Ballymoney Road, BT43 5BS
8-9.30pm on Thursday November 18th

Belfast at The Iron Hall Evangelical Church, Templemore Avenue, BT54FX
1-2pm on Friday November 19th

Newry at The Canal Court Hotel, Merchants Quay, BT35 8HF
8-9.30pm on Friday November 19th

Topics of the meeting will include: Religious Liberty, Charity Commission and Practical Advice.
The speakers are Collin Hart, Callum Webster and Benjamin Mitchell.
For more details contact Sandra Mackay on 0289041667