Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Purpose of Church – Revisited

A while ago I wrote about why going to church for the right reasons is important – you can read the original post [HERE] but to summarise I outlined the purpose of church as a chance to calibrate yourself (to get right with God), to repent and to take part in fellowship.
Now I feel lead to adapt that slightly as my understanding grows.

While repentance and fellowship are both good and Biblical they are not ultimately the purpose of church. The purpose of church is that God is glorified and indeed he is glorified by repentance and fellowship. It’s like putting the cart before the horse or the egg before the chicken – where the chicken is (where God is glorified) eggs (repentance and fellowship) will follow but the chicken is the important part, without him the eggs wouldn’t be possible.

Jeff Lucas put it this way: “The church is not here to serve us or particularly please us. It is here to serve the king and his purposes”. This doesn’t mean that if we get some gain from going to church as a by-product it is wrong but that if blessing does come it is just that – a by-product – not the main point or focus.