Monday, 13 December 2010

Lessons from Literature Part 2 – Forgiveness

Taken from ‘How Not to Pray’ by Jeff Lucas, Chapter 8, Page 118.
Copyright 2003 Jeff Lucas

“Forgiveness is not an act that seeks to pretend what was done to us was not wrong; on the contrary, the very fact that it is ‘forgiveness’ that is offered clearly recognises that sin has been committed; to state the obvious, if it were not wrong then it wouldn’t need to be forgiven.
Forgiveness does not bless sin. Nor does forgiveness release the other party from the negative consequences of their actions. Everything may not return as it was; indeed, some relationships may be fractured beyond repair. Forgiveness does not imply that there will actually be full reconciliation. The damage done to a marriage shattered by adultery may be an example; the aggrieved party may indeed forgive but that does not mean necessarily mean that a marriage will continue. Scripture seems to give the wounded party a choice in that. In just the same way that we can be forgiven by God for our follies, yet may still suffer the natural consequences of them, so forgiveness doesn’t cancel out the effect that our sin has caused.”