Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The True Nature of God Part 1

It’s amazing how often God is misunderstood, even by Christians. It’s easy to do considering how complex, even on a purely conceptual level, he really is. With that in mind, this post – if it were to go into full detail – would be literally never-ending and therefore I will attempt to focus on 2 aspects I believe to be apparent in God’s vast character.

Firstly, I once heard God described to me as ‘the great networker’. This title makes sense when you consider that he knows each person on this planet as well as being the ultimate creator of the very time they use to meet each other. If God guides your life (as he does with Christians who have given Him their lives) then he can make good come out of situations that the devil had intended for bad. For example, the devil could be working hard to make sure you’re an office party where you’ll be tempted by adultery but God can take that situation and make it so that instead of being lead astray your attention is elsewhere as you’re introduced to a top business executive who’ll offer you a new job – of course this is purely hypothetical but my point is that God has this power. If indeed that situation did happen you would most definitely never know that God had stepped in and this is just one of many reasons we should all give thanks to God more often; For He does things for us all the time that we don’t even notice – right now he’s causing your cells to replace themselves and providing air for you to breathe. Thinking about it like this is mind-blowing, maybe that’s we often gloss over it.

Secondly, I know a lot of people struggle to understand how both God and people wrote the Bible. We’re told in 2 Timothy Chapter 3 verse 16 (NIV) that ‘Scripture is God breathed’ and as such it’s commonly referred to as ‘the word of God’. A helpful illustration I’ve found is to think about the process in terms of Ghost-writing – it may sound a bit farfetched but bear with me.
In typical Ghost-writing, a professional author writes a novel under the name of a celebrity often using an idea outlined by the said celebrity. This isn’t EXACTLY what happened when God ‘wrote’ the Bible through physical people but it’s probably as close a comparison as you’re going to get.
God had all the ideas and knew everything that was to be written, he then instructed specific followers to physically write them down – often in their own personal style while not taking away from the intended message. As you could assume, this would be a complex process as the physical writer would have to make sure – through prayer – that each word did indeed come from God and was untainted by their own thoughts and/or opinions. No wonder it sometimes took years for a book of the Bible to be written!