Friday, 31 December 2010

The True Nature of God Part 2

I always imagined God as a man sitting on his thrown, head in hands despairing over every mistake I make but this isn’t accurate. He already knows what mistakes I’ll make *long* before I make them, nothing I do can surprise him. As the Bible says – he’s not ‘distant and angry’.
It’s said that Christians will be told “Well done, good and faithful servant” by God upon death but despite knowing it’s true in my head it’s still not the response I’m expecting.
I find it really hard to merge what I KNOW God’s like and what I THINK God’s like in my head...

Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘who is God to ME?’ – In my experience, God shows different aspects of his being to different people at different times. When you’re upset he’s your rock and your comforter. When you’re wrong he’s your merciful judge pointing out your mistakes and giving you another chance.

It struck me a while ago that maybe the reason I have only a tiny bit of ‘real’ joy (as opposed to temporary joy from eating my favourite meal or watching a great movie that doesn’t last, it quickly forgotten about and doesn’t change you as a person) because I only have a little bit of God. Now, I mean that in the sense of ‘I need to get to know God better’ not ‘God is in this part of my life but the rest is my own’ as that’s not possible, you either have all or nothing.
I guess these series of posts on God’s true nature is about me getting to know God more personally than ever before, in the next 2 posts I will be looking at attributes God is said to embody (such as holiness and love).