Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Far from a Godly Attitude

I sometimes get prayer requests via an International Christian group on Facebook and they often come in different languages. I received one such email today and based on the subject heading it appeared to be foreign; I opened it just to get it out of my inbox & breathed a sigh of relief when it was indeed in a different language.

If it’s not in English I can’t read it and if I can’t read it then it’s not my responsibility to pray, I thought. What a horrible attitude!
I’m actually ashamed to admit that I thought about prayer in such away. As if it’s some laborious chore and trying to weasel out of it was almost understandable.
Needless to say, I want/need to change this attitude but as always, I can’t do it alone.

God, keep moulding me and let your attitudes become mine. Without you I’m all wrong!