Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Learning about God

They say you “learn something new every day” and although I’m not sure how accurate that statement is, I know that there is enough facts in the world that we each could learn something completely different every day of our lives and there would still be billions of other pieces of info floating around that we don’t know. There are always new facts; the planet’s not going to run out!

While thinking about this, my thoughts turned to God… God is so much more infinite and abundant than even the seemingly endless supply of facts.
He is everywhere and everything he created tells us something about his character. He wants to teach us and we want to learn (I hope!). So, with all that factored in, we should be learning new things about God all the time, and yet most of us don’t (or don’t appear to).
At the very, very, very least we should be able to learn 1 new thing per day about our creator.
Therefore, I challenge you (and myself) to seek out more about God daily. Keeping a record (in a diary or online) can also be really helpful.

A recent example of this, for me, was the realisation that God doesn’t think (see previous blog post).