Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What if?!

What would have happened if Noah didn’t bother making the ark? What if he never even felt prompted to make it because he wasn’t close enough with God to recognize His ‘voice’? What if Noah said “OK God” but didn’t take the task seriously and left the boat with gaps and holes? What if he agreed to make it and intended to at some point but just never got around to it?

They may sound like simple questions and they may indeed have simple answers in practical terms but, think about it: humanity can be wiped out (and often is) simply because we do not obey God.

The decision Noah made was actually massive and it’s only just hit me.
I wonder if God prompted others, in other parts of the globe, to build boats also. We’ll never know and, to me at least, that’s kinda scary! Sobering in fact (but, is it sobering enough to make me change my ways? I don’t honestly know and that uncertainty is also rather scary itself).

Our actions can incur an enormity of consequences and often those consequences outlive us.
Lord may we be more wise, or – better yet – more obedient and faithful!