Monday, 24 December 2012

Mary, My Favorite Example

I may not be Catholic, but I love Mary, the (biological) Mother of Jesus, just as much as they do, if not more. Catholics love her because they think she was super special – supernatural, even - but I love her because she was an ordinary girl who God did a super special thing through; someone who was open to God’s will for her life, no matter what the consequences.

God chose her for her humility and selfless attitude. She was a woman of truly good character, and I aspire to have such a character myself.
As far as I’m concerned, Mary is a fantastic role model (but nothing more!)
I am in no way saying she was perfect, let alone is to be worshiped! I’m just saying she did a wonderful thing, and I mean wonderful in the true sense of the word.
She said yes to God.

Think about this for a moment: Mary, in her young age, agreed to become pregnant, to carry a child that I’m sure she loved fully – as only a mother can - but knew she couldn’t keep, not really. She poured love and time and energy into a baby that she knew would go on to fulfill His destiny and, ultimately, leave her behind (in the physical sense).
She would one day look up into his bloody, beaten face as he lay on a cross, dying and you may not be able to grasp how monumental that is, but I surely do, and that’s why that teenage girl from all those years ago - that girl who no doubt had nasty words said about her and her child behind her back and to her face for yeas – that’s why I respect that girl so much. Because she did more than I think I could do in her situation.

Yes, Jesus did abundantly more than her, and yes, He is our true role model - I’m not trying to take away from that. But I put it to you that Jesus was able to do what He did because He was God (incarnate), and some of us may use that as an excuse. You may say to yourself, “We can never be like Him, even when trying our best,” and you’d be right, but we still must try, just as Mary did. She wasn’t God and yet she was able to do so much, therefore, you are not excused. May God give us all as much faith as her this Christmas - if not more!

Happy Holidays.