Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Friendships, Continued.

After posting THIS a couple of months ago I was talking about the same topic with my pastor and was reassured that it’s not just me who can’t get past surface deep friendships most of the time. The way he sees it, most people in our modern society have this problem but either aren’t aware of it, or don’t even consider it to be a problem. And that makes sense, I suppose, because if quite a lot of people genuinely aren’t bothered by shallow friendships it would explain why there are so many of them around. And the reverse is true too, in that, if everyone was just seeking deeply fulfilling friendships I don’t think there’d be many shallow ones around.
That’s not to say that the people content with just shallow friendships are wrong, and need to change necessarily, it’s just that I have a different set of values from such people.
Anyway, my pastor went on to say that he felt I should indeed be putting down roots here, so I’ve decided to give it a go and it *seems* to be going okay so far.
Almost as soon as I finished praying about getting more connected in fellowship with my church, whatever invisible barrier there was between me and the rest of the congregation, feeding my social awkwardness, appears to have been lifted and that’s really great. I am thankful to God for the closeness I now feel, we’ll just see how the rest of root development goes…