Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Challenging Children’s Ministry

I volunteer as a children’s helper at various Christian events, so I get to thinking about kid’s ministry fairly often. What I hadn’t thought about, though, was something that I now see as both fundamental and glaringly obvious, yet it can be - and so often is - completely overlooked by the church as a whole. It is this: If we believe that Children can be Christians and that teaching them about God and the Bible is important – as important as teaching adults – then why is it acceptable/normal to devote less time, energy, prayer, money and man power to enable the ‘Sunday School’?
Let me put it this way, if ‘regular’ preachers stayed in a church for only a few short months at a time, or if those preachers did very little preparation before the service, the church would be considered a sham. Everyone would see these things as major problems. But when kid’s leaders are on a conveyor belt, coming in and out of the ministry, this doesn’t cause an eyelid to be batted. Why is that? Why doesn’t lack of consistency in our children’s ministry bother us? Jesus cared (/cares) a great deal about Children, and their faith, so why don’t we pay as much attention?
I say these things as challenges, not as judgments, for I am as guilty as everyone else. If this had not been pointed out to me I don’t think I would have ever thought of it myself.