Monday, 14 July 2014

God in My Travels

Recently I went travelling around England and Wales; and while I was away I was so aware, at various points, just how much God was taking care of me and keeping me safe. You see, the whole trip was a bit haphazard, and I’ll admit I didn’t plan it fully, which is totally my fault, so I guess I deserved for things to go wrong. But the amazing is, I have a God that deals in grace. One who loves me and looks out for my best interests even when I don’t deserve it, because that love isn’t earned by me doing well, it’s unconditional.

I know that kinda makes it sound like I got myself in serious trouble while I was away or something, but I’m talking about a lot of small things that just kept adding up when they could have so easily went the other way and cumulatively made the whole thing not so fun.
For instance, I locked myself out of my tent on the first day of Download Festival (jammed padlock) and yet I was able to find a way around it without having to damage anything. I stayed warm, and dry, and was perfectly fine being alone at a music festival surrounded by thousands of drunken strangers. It’s one example of many. Many that I actually don’t even remember anymore, but caused me to be thankful at the time.

God is good, and does good for us even in the small things; even when we haven’t done anything to deserve it. That’s just what I wanted to share today.